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What is the Sergeants Benevolent Association?
The Sergeants Benevolent Association (also known as the SBA) is an organization comprised of the approximately 11,000 active and retired sergeants of the New York City Police Department. The SBA acts as the collective bargaining unit for those sergeants during contract negotiations with the City of New York, and manages a variety of other initiatives - including health and welfare programs, political outreach efforts and community service initiatives -- for the benefit of its members and their families.

Is the SBA part of the NYPD?
Yes and no. While the SBA's members are employed as NYPD sergeants (or were employed as NYPD sergeants, in the case of retirees), the organization is completely independent from the Department and the City of New York.

How does the SBA meet its operating expenses? Does it receive taxpayer funds?
Absolutely not. As an independent organization, the SBA relies solely upon dues from its members to finance its operations. All members are required to pay dues to receive the benefits of membership, and these monies are deducted from the members' regular NYPD paychecks.

I thought that the PBA was the union for New York police officers. Is the SBA part of the PBA?
No. The PBA - the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association - fulfills a similar mission as the SBA, but it represents only New York City police officers - not sergeants or officers of any other rank. Similar independent unions exist to represent detectives, lieutenants, captains and other superior officials.

I want to be an NYPD sergeant. Where can I get more information?
We're thrilled to hear you're interested in becoming a sergeant, but in order to ascend to that rank, you must first become a New York City police officer. For more information on joining the NYPD, visit

Is the SBA affiliated with any umbrella labor organizations like AFSCME or the AFL-CIO?
No. While the SBA supports the goals of organized labor, it is a completely independent organization, and as such, has no formal affiliation with any external labor organizations.

Who runs the SBA?
Every four years, the active members of the SBA elect a slate of officers to lead the organization. President Edward Mullins and the current Executive Board of Officers assumed office in July 2002, and since then, have enacted a set of innovations that has led to greater efficiency and visibility across all areas of the SBA's business. In addition to the Executive Board, a board of directors is elected to provide greater member representation in the organization's management, and sergeants across the city elect delegates from their respective command posts to act as local union representatives.

Where is the SBA located? How can I contact the SBA?
While SBA meetings and other functions are held at locations throughout the City of New York, the organization's headquarters are located at 35 Worth Street, New York, NY 10013. For general inquiries, e-mail

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